Unearthing History: Exploring the 7 Mile Provisional Goldfield

Unearthing History: Exploring the 7 Mile Provisional Goldfield


Nestled 11km Southeast of Nanango lies the historic 7 Mile Provisional Goldfield, a relic of the 1860s gold rush era. Once teeming with over 700 miners drawn by the promise of riches, this site yielded over 700 ounces of gold before being abandoned in the late 1800s.

Among the colorful characters of this era was "7 Mile Peter," a local legend who tirelessly worked the diggings for three decades. Today, a chainsaw sculpture in Nanango's Drayton St pays tribute to his enduring spirit.

Even now, traces of gold can still be found mingled with black mineral sands, alongside small rubies and garnet crystals. Accessible via Old Esk Road, maps of the Goldfield are readily available online.

The journey into the diggings is smooth enough for 2WD vehicles, with ample parking atop a large, grassy clearing. Self-sufficient campers are welcome to set up camp at the top, though amenities and water are scarce.

Descending into the winding Yarraman creek and fossicking area, adventurers must navigate steep dirt tracks. While driving is no longer permitted, a short 10-minute walk reveals the treasures below. Keep in mind that the creek may be dry, so bring your own water if panning.

Despite the area's popularity among fossickers, occasional discoveries of gold still occur, making it a worthwhile destination for enthusiasts. While the site may have been extensively worked over, its historical charm and the thrill of potential finds continue to beckon visitors time and again.

So, pack your gear and embark on a journey to 7 Mile Provisional Goldfield, where echoes of the gold rush era still whisper among the hills, waiting to be rediscovered! 

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