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Embark on the ultimate gold panning adventure with our exclusive selection of premium paydirt blends, sourced from rich Australian deposits and guaranteed to deliver unparalleled gold yields. Enhance your prospecting journey with our high-quality equipment and accessories.
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Paydirt range



Experience the excitement of uncovering gold with Dirtbag Original's premium paydirt concentrates, meticulously crafted to cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned prospector, our bags contain an enticing mix of pickers, flakes, and occasionally finer gold, ensuring an exhilarating panning experience every time.

Ideal for beginners, our Original's range offers three enticing options:

  1. 300g Gold Paydirt Bag: Delve into the excitement with our 300g bag, guaranteed to contain a minimum of 0.4g of gold.
  2. 500g Gold Paydirt Bag: Step up your prospecting game with our 500g bag, containing a minimum of 1g of gold.
  3. 500g Kids Edition Tin: Ignite the passion for gold hunting in young adventurers with our special Kids Edition Tin. Packed with 500g of paydirt, it includes a minimum of 0.2g of gold, gem cards, various gemstones, and a surprise treasure.

To further enhance your treasure-hunting experience, we offer the option to add extra gold to our 1g paydirt bag and kids tin. Simply select this option when adding your preferred paydirt bag to your shopping cart.

All Original paydirt bags come complete with a vial and tweezers, ensuring you're fully equipped for your gold panning expedition. Start your journey to riches today with Dirtbag Original's premium paydirt concentrates.


For those seeking a more demanding yet rewarding panning experience, look no further than our Savage paydirt bags. Loaded with dense black sands and other heavy minerals, these bags will test your patience and refining skills to the fullest. Savage bags are available in two enticing options:

  1. Savage Black Sands Bag: Dive into the challenge with our 40g bag of black sands, guaranteed to contain a minimum of 0.1g of flour Gold.
  2. Savage Black and Blondes Sand Bags: Explore the complexities with our 120g bag of black and blonde sands, ensuring a minimum of 0.2g of flour Gold.

Unlock the next level of gold panning proficiency with Dirtbag's Savage paydirt bags, designed to elevate your technique and mastery.

Mini Bucket

Introducing the Mini Bucket – a dynamic blend of our Originals and Savage paydirt, curated to offer a diverse range of gold, from flakes and pickers to nuggets and fine particles. These buckets provide an authentic gold panning experience, complete with heavies and chunkier rock, requiring sieving and patience to extract your treasure. Currently, we offer one option:

  1. 2-liter Mini Bucket: Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 7g of gold.

Stay tuned for more bucket options in the future! Similar to our paydirt bags, you have the flexibility to add extra gold to your bucket. Simply select this option when adding your Mini Bucket to your cart. Embark on a gold panning adventure like no other with Dirtbag's Mini Bucket!

Paydirt Packs

Explore our range of Paydirt Packs, perfect for beginners or as a one-of-a-kind gift! Choose from two exciting options:

  1. Gold Paydirt Pack: Includes a 300g bag of paydirt with a guaranteed minimum of 0.4g of Gold, a Snuffer Bottle, and a 14-inch Pan.
  2. Kids Paydirt Pack: Delight young adventurers with a 500g Kids Edition Tin containing a minimum of 0.2g of Gold, gem cards, various gemstones, and a hidden surprise. Also includes a 10-inch Gold Pan for endless fun!

Both packs offer the option to add additional gold for an extra thrill. Each pack comes equipped with tweezers and a vial for storing your precious finds. Start your gold panning journey today with our Paydirt Packs!

Custom Paydirt

Craft your perfect gold panning adventure with our customizable paydirt options! If our existing blends don't quite meet your needs or if you have something specific in mind, we're delighted to create a custom paydirt just for you. Here's how it works:

  • Choose your dirt quantity: Decide on the amount of paydirt you'd like.
  • Specify sieved or unsieved: Select whether you prefer your paydirt pre-sieved or as is.
  • Tailor your difficulty level: Add heavy minerals, gems, sapphires, or other elements to increase the challenge.
  • Define your gold recovery goal: Let us know how much gold you aim to recover from your custom blend.

Simply send us an email or message detailing your preferences and price range, and we'll work with you to bring your custom paydirt to life. Your gold panning adventure, your way!