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What is Paydirt?

Paydirt is a concentrated mix of dirt, sands, and gravel that contains traces of gold and sometimes other minerals.

Where Does Our Paydirt Come From?

Most of our paydirt originates from a mine in Central Queensland, with occasional contributions from other rich gold fields across Australia.

Do You Sieve or Screen Your Paydirt for Gold?

Yes, we sieve our paydirt to remove larger rocks and debris, ensuring a better panning experience. We also sample our paydirt to guarantee a minimum amount of gold in every bag.

Do You Add Gold to Your Paydirt?

Absolutely! We want your panning experience to be enjoyable, so we ensure each bag contains a guaranteed minimum amount of gold. Sometimes, we even include a hidden surprise.

How Much Gold Will I Find?

We offer a guaranteed minimum amount in every bag, providing a benchmark for your panning experience. Many bags contain more than the guaranteed minimum, and there's always the chance of discovering a hidden bonus.

Will There Be Enough Gold in My Paydirt to Make My Money Back?

While paydirt isn't primarily about financial return, you can often get a decent yield depending on gold spot prices and the type of paydirt bag you choose.

Why Buy Paydirt?

  • It's a hands-on opportunity to see and pan real gold.
  • Perfect for honing your panning skills or scratching the fossicking itch.
  • Great for education and as a unique gift.
  • Offers a chance to pan some of the best gold in the world, millions of years old.

Is Panning Gold Hard?

It takes practice, but anyone can learn. There are plenty of excellent "How to pan tutorials" on you tube, we recommend watching a video before you get started. 

How Do I Pan Paydirt?

Follow our instructional video and remember to always pan into a tub.

Why and How Do I Season My Gold Pan?

Seasoning removes oil residue and makes the pan's surface more abrasive. Check out our recommended process for seasoning your pan.

Why Can't I Find the Guaranteed Amount of Gold?

Our gold is weighed meticulously, and if you're not finding the correct amount, it's likely due to panning technique. Try multiple pans for best results, and if you're still having trouble, reach out to us for further assistance.



Dirtbag original's paydirt cater to all experience levels with a mix of pickers, flakes and sometimes finer gold. If you are starting out with panning these are your ideal bags. Original's come 3 options -

1. 300g Gold Paydirt Bag

300g Bag containing a guaranteed minimum of 0.4g of Gold

2. 500g Gold Paydirt Bag

500g Bag containing a guaranteed minimum of 1g of Gold

3. 500g Kids Edition Tin

500g Kids edition tin containing a guaranteed minimum of 0.2g of Gold. Tin also includes gem card, various gemstones and a hidden surprise.

We do offer the option of adding additional gold to our 1g paydirt bag and kids tin, this can be selected when adding your choice paydirt bag to your shopping cart.

All Original paydirt bags come with vial and tweezers,


If you're looking for something a little more challenging or want to improve your technique, than our Savage paydirt bags are your go to. Packed with black sands and other heavy minerals, these bags require more patience and finesse in your panning. Savage bags come in two options -

1. Savage Black Sands Bag

40g bag of black sands containing a guaranteed minimum of 0.1g of flour Gold.

2. Savage Black and Blondes Sand Bags

120g bag of black and blonde sands containing a guaranteed minimum of 0.2g of flour Gold.

Mini Bucket

The Mini Bucket is a mixture of our Originals and Savage paydirt. The mini bucket comes with a variety of Gold from flakes, pickers, nuggets to fine gold. These buckets do contain heavies and some chunkier rock, they do give you a more authentic gold panning experience as they will require sieving and it will take time to get through all the material and to recover your gold. Currently we have 1 option available -

1. 2 liters containing a guaranteed minimum of 7g of gold.

We are looking to add more bucket options in the future but as with our paydirt bags we do offer the option of adding additional gold to your bucket, this can be selected when adding your Mini Bucket to your cart.

Paydirt Packs

Paydirt packs come in two options and great packs for those new to the hobby or as a unique gift.

1. Gold Paydirt Pack

  • 300g Bag with a guaranteed minimum 0.4g of Gold.
  • Snuffer Bottle
  • 14-inch Pan

2. Kids Paydirt Pack

  • 500g Kids edition tin containing a guaranteed minimum of 0.2g of Gold. Tin also includes gem cards, various gemstones and a hidden surprise.
  • 10-inch Gold pan

Both paydirt packs come with the option to add additional gold.

Both paydirt packs include tweezers and vial for storing gold.

Custom Paydirt

Customise your gold panning experience! If you can't quite find what you're looking for or have something in mind? We are very happy where possible to make you your very own custom paydirt. Some things to think about when creating your paydirt -

  • Choose your dirt quantity, sieved or not sieved?
  • Choose your difficulty, add heavy minerals, gems, sapphires or more interference.
  • Choose how much gold you want to recover.

Send an email or message with what you have in mind and your price range, and we will get back to you.

Want to know more about buying paydirt?

Read our guide on purchasing paydirt and what you need to know before buying.

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