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Dirtbag Gold

Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket

Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket

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Discover the Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket: Your Essential Gold Panning Companion

Unleash your inner prospector with the Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket, designed for passionate gold panning enthusiasts. Weighing 3.2kg, this compact bucket is packed with small nuggets, pickers, flakes, and fine gold, boasting a purity of 22 carats or higher.

With a guaranteed minimum of 7g of gold in each bucket, the Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket ensures you'll strike gold with every scoop. Whether you're a seasoned prospector or a novice explorer, this bucket promises to elevate your gold panning experience.

Why settle for ordinary when you can pan for gold with the best? Get your hands on the Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket today and embark on your quest for treasure like never before.

Keywords: Dirtbag 2Ltr Mini Bucket, gold panning, gold nuggets, pickers, flakes, fine gold, 22 carats, treasure hunting, prospecting, adventure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Found heaps of good gold just from looking into the bags!


Great product delivers what it says worth every dollar you will be placed thank you dirt bag

Not the worst

Mostly larger flakes and a nugget, managed to get just over the 7gm guaranteed through basic panning with another .14gm through blue bowl. Easy to pan with not alot of black sand, good to teach the kids.

Dale Baxter

Awesome paydirt guys I got a one gram minimum bag and I ended up with 1.15g made up of 11 nice pickers totalling.85g and the rest in nice flakes...was great fun panning this dirt.
Thanks guys you rock🤟😁🤟

Paydirt bucket

Well what can I say this Paydirt is the best bucket I’ve ever had 2 nuggets specimen and large flake gold. I got for kids and they loved it as they could do it them self’s and get gold my kid are 10 to 15. I recommend to anyone that wants a hobby or get into prospecting. I have got the 1 gram gold Paydirt bags and the same Quality. I am saving for another bucket for me this time thanks dirtbag gold keep the great work up thanks Paul