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Dirtbag Gold

Dirtbag Gold 500g Paydirt Bag

Dirtbag Gold 500g Paydirt Bag

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Dirtbag Gold's 500g Paydirt Bag is the perfect choice for those looking for something more!

Our paydirt bags are sourced from rich gold fields in and around Central Queensland, guaranteeing a minimum of 1g of gold in each 500g bag.

The concentrates in the paydirt are a lucky dip mix of pickers, flakes and/or fine gold with a purity of 22 carats and higher. Each bag also comes with tweezers and a vial to store your gold.

Perfect for family fun on weekends at home or when you can't venture out to the fields, our paydirt bags promise excitement and treasure-filled moments for all ages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great product at a good price


Absolutely ecstatic with this purchase! First dry sieve I recovered 1.07grams. Ever found a couple pickers straight away! Have set aside the sand/fine dirt and pebbles to pan later to recover any fine gold I may have missed after dry sieve. Fantastic product for beginners and hobbyists who want to practice their gold recovery techniques from sieve or panning. Will definitely buy again in future. Also came with a little specimen bottle and tweezers in the bag.

Really worth it

I bought 3 bags a few months ago and the price of gold has gone up since. It was a lot of fun to pan out. The bag I bought guaranteed 1g and I ended up with 1.08g with 3 good sized pickers. Whoot! I put it back and did it 3 times with the same result. Excellent practise at home. I also bought 2 more kids bags for the kids to play with. Free shipping for the win!


Hubbys Christmas gift.. all he wanted for Christmas is a bag of dirt to pan !! ☮️ worth every cent .. he paned for days and found SO MUCH gold 💛

Maurice Chapellier
a french customer

I believe this is the best place to order dirtbag gold.The amount of gold is announced (not the case for other sellers i did try)and you will find it!The extra to pay for France is the trip and custom, both reasonable.Fun is there!!